The 2018 election is still months away but Nevada AFSCME Retiree Chapter 4041 is working to be prepared for that event.  Retirees have a lot riding on the outcome of this election.  The outcome of this election could affect Retirees in many ways including our health care.  Medicaid and Social Security could be impacted to a degree that Retirees may be forced to choose which life necessities to do without. 

Protection of these life saving necessities is a primary goal of this Retiree Chapter.  Our full time lobbyist stands ready to defeat any negative programs put forward in our Legislature.  AFSCME International also has lobbyists who defend our rights and benefits on a national scale.  We also need a strong membership to enhance the work of our lobbyists.  I urge all retired Public Employees to join Nevada AFSCME Retirees Chapter 4041 and together we can make life better for all Retirees.

in Solidarity,

Charlie Muller