70 Chapter 4041 Retirees along with active members of Local 4041and guests enjoyed a night of ” fun at the ol’ ball park” Saturday August 17, 2019 by attending a Reno Aces ball game at Greater Neva

The Northern Chapters (Sierra Range, Washoe and Retirees Chapter 4041) held their annual summer picnic Sunday August 11, 2019 at Bowers Mansion County Park in Washoe Valley.

Retirees Chapter 4041 President Charles Muller and Board Member Steve Suwe attended the 39th Annual Meeting of the AFSCME RETIREES COUNCIL held July 22 thru 25, 2019 in  Washington, D.C. 

The 2019 Nevada Legislature ended midnight Monday June 3, 2019 on a spectacular note for State Employees when a bill was passed by both houses granting them Collective Bargaing Rights for the first time ever in Nevada.  You can read more about the Retirees Chapter 4041 journey through this years legislative session by clicking on the Nevada 80th (2019) Legislature Session News link on the home page.

The following is a message sent by AFSCME President Lee Saunders, proclaiming the victory:

At the AFSCME Retirees Chapter 4041 meeting held Thursday March 21, 2019, nominations for Chapter Officers were held with the following results:

PRESIDENT- Charles Muller; VICE PRESIDENT- Roger Bremner; TREASURER - Patty Machal; SECRETARY - Sandra Hudgens; DIRECTOR SOUTH - Laura Leavitt; DIRECTOR NORTH - Steven Suwe; DIRECTOR AT LARGE - Joan  Papaianni; TRUSTEES - Gail Milne, Fred Suwe, and Shirley Suwe.

As all offices were uncontested, the nominees were elected by acclaimation.  Each office is a 2 year term.

Priscilla Maloney is the Nevada Legislature 80th (2019) Session, registered lobbyist for the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Retirees, Nevada Chapter 4041.  She had been a a labor representative for the active members of AFSCME Local 4041 from March 2011 to June 2013.  She was also a lobbyist for the active members of Local 4041 during the 2013 77th legislative session.

On Sept. 11, 2001, we as a nation faced a tragedy unique in our history. And we promised each other to never forget — never forget those who lost their lives or those who put their lives on the line to save others.

LAS VEGAS – Corrections workers have become the first group of state workers to ask to be recognized as AFSCME in contract negotiations since Nevada adopted a law in June giving state employees the right to collectively bargain.

The corrections unit filed for recognition Friday with the state’s Government Employee-Management Relations Board after majority of the staff asked to be represented in contract talks as AFSCME Local 4041.